Crab Shack in the middle of nowhere

The best sautéed crabs and prawns I have had yet. This was a crab shack is in my middle of nowhere. It is a flight, a car ride and then a boat ride away. But, it is worth the trip. Fresh crabs and prawn caught from the backwaters known as Chilka Lake in Orrisa. The boat take to the sea mouth of Chilka Lake where there are a number of crab shacks ready to fire up their stove and deliver the delightful masala crabs and prawns in your place.


A Greek Gem in Fitzrovia

Ate at Andreas on Monday evening. It was balmy and we sat on table on the pavement. For starters, we had DolmathesPastourma (char-grilled beef sausages, marinated in red wine) and Keftethes (meatballs of lamb, onions, parsley, herbs and seasoning), each at a fiver a piece. The service was brilliant and attentive. The food was fresh and well prepared. For mains I had a Kleftiko, which was juicy, succulent and perfectly well done. At 15 quid, fair value for money and much better than the usual fare you get in London. The house was more than adequate at 5 quid. A very pleasant way to spend a summer evening in London.

Andreas Restaurant
40 Charlotte Street
London W1T 2NW