Le Fumoir

An excellent upmarket bistro at the eastern end of Louvre. If you get a window seat, you can see the Claude Perrault’s Colonnade from the windows. The wine list is decent starting from 5 euro. Link to the lunch Menu Card.
We had the Fines Tranches De Boeuf Mariné (thin slices of marinated beef) and Harengs (Matjes) Et Concombre À La Crème (herrings marinated in xérès and served on a spiced bread with creamed cucumber) to start with. For the main course we had Poisson Du Jour and Risotto Aux Girolles, Abricot Et Verveine (wild mushrooms risotto with apricot and verbena). We finished with a Assiette De 3 Fromages and Fraises Marinées Aux Épices Et Granité Au Rhum (strawberries marinated in spices with a rhum sherbet). Blissful.
6 Rue de l’amiral Coligny  75001  Paris
Tel: 01 42 92 00 24

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